Our Approach


We want to provide workshops that actually help you to discover something new for yourself, whether you are a professional artist, a school child or anyone else wanting to make art.

We only work with tools and techniques that we’d happily use ourselves in our own practice.

All our materials are good quality, responsive and inspiring. For the family workshops, we use age-appropriate free or cheap (but good) materials so you can get more of them yourself if you enjoyed them.

We always bring our Portable Art School, a big suitcase containing all those things along with stacks of visual reference and a large repertoire of exercises, projects and creative games. You never know what way a lesson might go!

We welcome all ages and abilities – some workshops will have age restrictions, but we believe that diversity feeds creativity. Just let us know if you’re bringing an enabler, carer or interpreter so we can make space.

All our lessons are modular – we will often decide what happens in the next twenty minutes depending on what happened in the last. That way, it’ll always be about the group that is there at that particular session, and their needs.

We aim to have tutors from different fields work together to run our workshops – they will work out useful intersections and give you a new angle on your artistic practice. How is theatre useful for picture books? What does dance have to do with game design? How about painting and science? Let’s have workshops where even the tutors are still learning from each other.

Whenever possible, we hold back some pay-what-you-can places for our events.

We’d love to meet you, let’s make some awesome stuff.