The Kraken Rises!

Hello Everyone!


We are about to move our studio to South London and start giving art lessons for all ages and skill levels, starting ASAP.

We’re researching and stocking great art materials and making lesson plans for walk-in workshops as well as courses. We will also offer sketching trips, portfolio surgery, life drawing (or “draw for your life”, as we like to call it) and bespoke art lessons… we will take our time to tutor every individual, whatever their age and skill level, in every lesson, and take them seriously. We will use sets and costumes, include creative writing, book making, and improvisation skills. We will introduce you to proper messy responsive quality art materials, but also cater for a range of budgets and keep our lessons accessible by always running some pay-what-you-can lessons using cheap or free (but always great) materials.

We have a background in children’s book writing/illustrating, theatre design, pervasive games and teaching, and we will invite associate tutors who are experts in a wide range of arts.

More soon!