The Theatre of Illustration

A dramatic masterclass in picture book making.

What is a picture book if not a tiny paper theatre?

Drawing upon over two decades experience in children’s books and the performing arts, author/illustrator Viv Schwarz and theatre designer Ellan Parry will help you find the drama you need in your visual storytelling.
Whether you are a professional picture book artist, a student or just want to try your hand at making something for your family, this workshop will help you to really connect with your audience.

We will bring in creative tools and exercises learned, invented, collected and developed over years of professional practice as well as materials that we would use ourselves professionally.
We will show you how to work fast to generate characters and bring them to life, using techniques borrowed from theatre as well as drawing games and storytelling exercises.

You will learn how to develop your story hands-on to make a well-paced, engaging picture book.
This class includes a portfolio/dummy book viewing and discussion in small, friendly groups as well as hours of furious story development. You will come out of this with the foundations for a new picture book and a head full of ideas – guaranteed, or we’ll refund your ticket.

We will have access to the amazing CLPE library which is packed with the best picture books to learn from, and after the workshop you’re very much invited to join us at a nearby pub for more drawing and storytelling to round off the day.

This is a workshop for adults, although we may consider talented teenagers. We are charging an introductory rate of £50.


Maximum number of participants for The Theatre of Illustration: 12

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