Writing on the Walls

Free up your creative potential together and get away from the blank page in this anarchic group workshop

An adventure in happy accidents and collaborative possibilities..


Writing on the Walls

A freeing workshop focussing on the often-untapped collaborative potential of writing and drawing disciplines. Mixing up exercises from impro and page-based practices, we work with the group to create a large-scale story installation on the walls and floor of our workshop space.


Workshop requirements:

A clear room or area with walls we can cover in paper (so sticking with masking tape and/or blue-tac will be necessary). For groups of 5 or more, depending on room size available.

Suitable for ages 16 and up.


Good for:

  • Art student groups
  • Writer/illustrator groups
  • Community groups
  • Masterclasses



Maximum number of participants for Writing on the Walls: 12